This shows how to access and download documents from our dedicated document archive.

1. Login.

Click the relevant page (e.g. "Governance", "Archive" or something similar as agreed with the web designer [1].
Click the Login drop tab [2].
It will drop down [3], revealing Login Username and Password fields [4]. Enter your assigned username and password and click Login [5].

2. You're inside the archive.

Existing folders will be listed on the left [1]. To open a folder, just click on it
Buttons at the bottom right allow you to Upload, Create Folder or Download [2] – assuming you have the relevant permissions to do so.
To exit, simply click the "X" at the top right [3].

3. To download a file...

3. To download a file...

Hover with your cursor to the right of the file name, click the icon shown [1] (a Download tooltip should appear).
NOTE: If you have only download permissions, that is the only icon you will see. If you have upload and delete permissions, you will see the other two icons:
- the "a" icon to the right of it allows you to rename a file
- the "x" allows you to delete the file.

4. To go back up the folder hierarchy...

4. To go back up the folder hierarchy...

– just click on the up-arrow icon above the file list [1].

Uploading files

If you have uploading privileges, after logging in you should see buttons to Upload and to Create folder [1].
To upload to one of the existing folders, double click the folder you want to upload to (e.g., Board Mtg Minutes [2]).

Navigate to the folder you want.

After double-clicking folders to get to where you want to upload, click the Upload button.
NOTE: By default, the checkbox Resize big images on upload is ticked, to reduce the overall size of files that may contain large image files within them.
In the dialog box that appears [2], Ctrl-select (on the Mac: Cmd-select) the file(s) that you want to upload, and click Open [3] or press Enter on your keyboard.
To return to the original list of files/folders that you found when you first entered the Archive, click the data button at the top [4].
Alternatively, just click the X at the top right corner [5] to exit the Archive.